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Nonton film Ummi Aminah (2012) terbaru

Ummi Aminah (2012)

SEMUA UMURGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 100 MenitDilihat: 1.687 views
6 voting, rata-rata 5,5 dari 10

Ummi Aminah (Nani Wijaya), a 68 years old ustadzah (the term originally means teacher but in Indonesian urban contexts it often translates to Islamic preacher), has loyal congregation. She has seven children. From her first failed marriage, she has two children: Umar (Gatot Brajamusti) whose wife is Risma (Yessy Gusman). Risma is a typical daughter-in-law, cynical and is not in a good relationship with Ummi’s family. Risma is always worried that Umar’s family will take advantage of their wealth. This often drives Umar over his edge so that he threateans to divorce Risma. Aisyah (Cahya Kamila), the second daughter, is a housewife whose husband is Hasan (Budi Chaerul), a middle level civil servant, with two little children.

From her second husband, Abah (Rasyid Karim), Ummi has five more children: Zarika (Paramitha Rusadi), Zainal (Ali Zainal), Zubaidah (Genta Windi), Zidan (Ruben Onsu) and Ziah (Zee Zee Shahab). Zarika is a successful career woman who’s anxious about her age and single status. Actually she has an affair with her staff, Ivan (Temmy Rahadi) who’s married with Dewi (Elma Theana). On social media, Zarika becomes an object of mockeries, being accused as a husband-snatcher. Ummi is furious and embarrassed. She tells Zarika to end her affair.

Zainal’s wife, Rini (Revalina S. Temat), is pregnant with a second child. She and her husband still live at Ummi’s house. Zainal’s occupation is driving for Ummi wherever she goes to give sermons. To add some income, he sells shoes at the places where Ummi lectures. Alas, though, Zainal is being taken advantage of by his colleague as a drug courier. Zainal’s arrest is witnessed by Ummi’s congregation. The news spreads and Ummi is resigned when preaching invitations get cancelled.

The problems of Risma, Zarika and Zainal aren’t all that Ummi has to deal with, there’s also Zidan’s. Abah is still having difficulty to accept Zidan who is girlish. Meanwhile Zubaidah feels that Ummi never cares about her. With her lack of education, Zubaidah thinks that Ummi doesn’t trust her enough to be her assitant. Ummi’s family problems come to a head when Abah becomes a victim of land fraud. The series of event hit Ummi and she decides to stop being a preacher.

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