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Nonton film Udin Cari Alamat Palsu (2012) terbaru

Udin Cari Alamat Palsu (2012)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 82 MenitDilihat: 311 views

Enters Mr Postman, with commotion delivering a letter from Jakarta for Udin. Mr Postman knows that it’s the letter that will make Udin become a famous person in the country. Emak immediately looks for Udin who’s taking a nap, snoring on a tree. Udin is ecstatic to know that he gets a call from Jakarta.

Meanwhile Shinta and Jojo start to get bored with their routine. Fans and reporters chase them. Schedules are packed with album recording, video clip shooting and film shooting.

Momoy and Palaboy from the Philippines come to Jakarta and get robbed. All their bags, with passports and money, are gone. Momoy blames Palaboy who wants to go to Jakarta only to see his girlfriend found on Facebook.

Fransoa, a bankrupt producer who owns a cafe, is obsessed to pull together famous people on YouTube to make an album. Fransoa has sent a letter to Udin Sedunia but the man hasn’t showed up.

Udin is still looking for an address and for the second time gets hit. This time it’s a beautiful woman called Deby. Feeling guilty, Deby takes Udin to her home, making Udin nervous. Out of pity, Deby offers him a job as a waitress at the place where she works, Fransoa’s cafe. Fransoa in turns is surprised to see Udin who looks like the Udin on YouTube.

Shinta and Jojo pulls it through and return to their kampong. Momoy meets Fransoa who asks him to perform in his cafe. Without Palaboy, Momoy can’t do his act. Udin steps in and he nails it well, making the audience laugh and entertained. Fransoe becomes certain that this is Udin Sedunia on YouTube.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia

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