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Nonton film Tutur Tinular II (Naga Puspa Kresna) (1991) terbaru

Tutur Tinular II (Naga Puspa Kresna) (1991)

Genre: Action
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 84 MenitDilihat: 4.750 views

Mei Shin (Linda Yanoman) buries her husband and embarks on a journey with Kamandanu (Hans Wanaghi). As they travel, they are attacked by the Kediri troops who continue to want to get their hands on the Naga Puspa sword. Mei Sdhin and Kamandanu manage to get away. Once they return home, Kamandanu’s father, Hanggareksa (Rd Mochtar), forbids Kamandanu to marry Mei Shin. When she hears this, Mei Shin runs away. During her journey, Mei Shin collapses and is found by Dwipangga (Baron Hermanto), Kamandanu’s older brother, who previously had stolen the heart of Kamandanu’s former lover. A conflict then arises when Dwipangga’s wife, Ratih (Okky Irwina Savitri), finds out that Dwipangga has had sexual relations with Mei Shin. Ratih runs away to the home of Hanggareksa. Kamandanu becomes enraged and breaks Dwipangga’s hands. As a result of her “rape” by Dwipangga, Mei Shin becomes has become pregnant. Kamandanu then marries her and is given the Naga Puspa sword as a gift. Dwipangga then betrays them all. He reports the whereabouts of the sword to Kediri, and the enemy forces attack, ransack and burn Hanggareksa’s house while Kamandanu is out. Hanggareksa dies, but Mei Shin gets away. The Kediri forces then attack Kamandanu, who is assisted in escaping by Sakawuni (Ratih Widyawati S), who loves him, and tends to his wounds. While he is recovering, Kamandanu practices with and masters the use of his mystical sword. Meanwhile, Mei Shin, who has escaped further harm and returned home with the help of an elderly couple, gives birth to a girl under the watchful eyes of Kamandanu and Sakawuni. The Kediri forces attack again, and this time Mei Shin is killed. Kamandanu goes into a rage. The musical score for this film, which features the traditional rebab solo stringed instrument and Javanese tembang poetry recitations, is particularly interesting.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia