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Nonton film Turis Romantis (2015) terbaru

Turis Romantis (2015)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 95 MenitDilihat: 497 views

Nabil (Kirana Larasati), has just escaped from the threat. Takur (Mike Lucock), Indian descent moneylender, hires thugs to collect debts from Nabil’s father, a drunkard, gambler, and does not have responsibility. Because the father is never at home, the moneylender charges to Nabil’s mother. Seeing this, Nabil takes the responsibility and says that she would pay all her father’s debts. Nabil promises to return the Rp 100 million debt within five days.

Then, Nabil gets a phone call informing that her father is hospitalized. When she arrives at the hospital, the father is unconscious, because he has been through heart surgery. The father won gambling. He was so happy, so he got heart attack, The father brought home certificate as a guarantee for the medical expenses.

Nabil confuses: she should pay the debt and all the medical expenses of his father at once, or her house will be lost. Total: Rp 200 million! She then asksd for a job from Sephia, friend. Sephia offers Nabil to replace her as a tour guide. Nabil reluctantly accepts.

Nabil waits at the airport, with a nameplate guest. She is reluctant, because her guest is an Indian. Then came Azan Khan (Shaheer Sheikh), which turns out to be very handsome, and sweet-smelling. Azan asks Nabil to go to places in Yogyakarta which are not common to tourists. Azan, a calendar photographer, is looking for romantic places. One romantic place is the place where his grandfather is buried.

The thugs continue to monitor Nabil. One time the thugs also interfere Azan, resulting in fights. Unexpectedly, Azan is a good fighter. The thugs run away.

Azan has 100% trus in Nabil, when she finds the grave of his grandfather. Azan tells the story of his grandfather, who left his grandmother and her family. But, his grandmother is kept waiting and loving his grandfather. Same with his mother, who still loves his father, although his father is reckless thousand times.

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