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Nonton film The Tarix Jabrix 3 (2011) terbaru

The Tarix Jabrix 3 (2011)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 92 MenitDilihat: 9.150 views
2 voting, rata-rata 4,5 dari 10

Cacing, an employee of an insurance company, is asked by his boss to negotiate with their old enemy, Road Devils, a motorbiker gang, in order to stop them from stirring disorders in Bandung. Victims have fallen and insurance claims have mounted up. Cacing agrees and returns to Bandung accompanied by his friends Dadang, Mulder, Ciko and Coki. Mulder, having been a vice director in his father’s company, resigns since he believes that his father collaborates with foreigners to exploit Indonesia.

Tarix Jabrix, using office’s car, is made crippled by Road Devils, with their new general, a fierce hotshot called Melly. Road Devils not only take the negotiation money but also destroy that car and, most damaging to Cacing’s self esteem, seize Cacing’s jacket upon his defeat in the race. Cacing is deeply embarrassed because Road Devils also attack his mother.

Tarix Jabrix declare a war against Road Devils, aided by Barokah, Road Devils’ former general who wants to overthrow Melly. Tarix Jabrix then makes an agreement with Road Devils to hold another race in which the group that loses has to disband. Melly agrees. So Tarix Jabrix practice with Admiral Roda Gila. In this occasion Dadang runs into Mayang who’s also Admiral Roda Gila’s pupil.

Based on Barokah’s idea, Cacing probes Melly’s weakness by pretending to make an approach. Instead, Cacing falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Mulder who runs away from home is persuaded by his father to return. Mulder keeps refusing. A big, unexpected disaster is about to happen.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia