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Nonton film Supernova: Ksatria, Putri, & Bintang Jatuh (2014) terbaru

Supernova: Ksatria, Putri, & Bintang Jatuh (2014)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Drama, Science Fiction
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 136 MenitDilihat: 55.626 views
8 voting, rata-rata 6,0 dari 10

Washington DC. A luxury home parties bring Reuben and Dimas, Indonesian students studying in America. That night both promise; one day they will write a book, a scientific novel that moves the hearts of many people. The story of the Knight, Princess and the Falling Star.

Jakarta. From an executive office, an impromptu interview between Ferre—young executive, rich, smart, and well-known—and Rana—deputy editor of the top women’s magazine—change the way of life of both. Both fall in love. In fact, Rana has been married to Arwin, a businessmen from well-known and respected family.

The story of Ferre and Rana continues and deepens. Like a knight and a princess in the kingdom of love. Ferre and Rana can not escape from the forbidden love that feels right, and the regularity and fine of domestic life Rana and Arwin feels wrong.

Diva, a top model suddenly appear in the life of Ferre. Apparently Diva is living in the same cluster with Ferre, even their homes face each other.

Reuben and Dimas, Ferre, Rana, Arwin and Diva, finally meet without recognizing each other in a aggressive, poetic, romantic, phenomenal blog called Supernova. Their story explodes together with Supernova.

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Bahasa:English, Bahasa indonesia