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Nonton film Strawberry Surprise (2014) terbaru

Strawberry Surprise (2014)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 84 MenitDilihat: 2.761 views

Five years ago, Aggi (Acha) and Timur (Reza Rahadian) split. It was Aggi who ended their relationship. Aggi thought, Timur is not for her. Timur, a photographer in Bandung, was too busy with his work. Living and working as a curator at the photo gallery in Yogyakarta. Aggi asked Timur to see him in five years. If they are still single, maybe they do belong to each other.

Five years later, Timur goes to Yogyakarta to reconnect the disconnected. And it turns out Aggi still single. But, Aggi tells that, if Timur does get seriously with her, he must come to Yogyakarta each week and listen to the stories of her failure in love. Her request is met. Slowly but surely, they are close again. Timur increasingly convinces that he does love Aggi, a strawberries enthusiast girl, who is always unpredictable.

In their midst there is Inda (Olivia Jensen), a former Timur girlfriend. Inda and Timur joined the same band. Timur as saxophonist and Inda as singer. And now they are colleague in their office, an advertising agency. Inda still expect Timur’s love.

Inda is the opposite to Aggi. Aggi is spontaneous and explosive, while Inda is very gentle and always careful. Inda fully understand Timur’s workload. While Aggi is always in doubt about his love on work. Inda is in Bandung, while Aggi is in Yogyakarta, and not willing to move from there. Aggi still does not believe him. Aggi’s confusion mounts when Inda comes the day before her wedding. Inda congratulates her and say that Timur looks happy when he is with Aggi. But, before going, Inda says, “You know, he does not like strawberries at all…”

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