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Nonton film Raksasa Dari Jogja (2016) terbaru

Raksasa Dari Jogja (2016)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 95 MenitDilihat: 3.972 views

Bian (Karina Salim) has everything. Beautiful face, elite house in Jakarta and a handsome boyfriend. The reality is very different. Since childhood, Bian always live in fear. Papa (Ray Sahetapy), a respectable politician, often abuses against Mama (Unique Priscilla). Bian’s boyfriend, Pras (Kiki Farel), had an affair with Letisha (Adina Thomas), her friend since childhood. Bian decides to leave home and study in Jogja.

Bian who lives in the house of Bude (Dewi Irawan) with Kevin (Ridwan Ghany), her cousin, turns into a quiet girl and always shuts down. She always refuses when Rinta (Sahila Hisyam), Kevin’s grilfriend, introduce Bian to her boy friends. Bian changes when she meets with a young giant man named Gabriel (Abrar Adrian) in a quiet corner of campus. Bian recognizes him who’ve helped her in Trans Jakarta bus. This meeting makes Bian ask information about Gabriel from a fellow student, Vanessa (Stella Cornelia).

Bian then knows that Gabriel is also working as a journalist. After reading article after article written by Gabriel, Bian increasingly amazes and falls in love. Gabriel actually is trying to pursue his dream to continue studying in Europe. With the help of Angkola (Dwi Sasono), which also owns the newspaper where he works, Gabriel get the scholarship. Fate says otherwise. Bian’s sincerity and gentleness makes Gabriel, who is often called a monster from Jogja, opens his heart.

But the trauma of the past makes Bian often misunderstand Gabriel’s doing. It culminates when Kevin, armed with mobile video recording, accuses Gabriel as womanizer. At the same time, Bian gets news that Mama is in the hospital. Bian’s past wounds reopen.

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