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Nonton film Pencarian Terakhir (2008) terbaru

Pencarian Terakhir (2008)

REMAJAGenre: Thriller
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 99 MenitDilihat: 4.767 views
1 voting, rata-rata 6,0 dari 10

Sita receives important news from the Jagawana post of Mount Sarangan, a haunted mountain. It has been two days since Gancar, her younger sibling, and a few friends, had been seen. They are feared lost along the hiking path. Immediately, Sita and Oji start a search mission. Without Sita and Oji’s knowledge, Bagus seeks Tito, who had once been lost in Mount Sarangan. Ever since, Tito has been haunted by guilt, since his friend, Norman, who was with him, was never found. Bagus pushes Tito to help in the search. He finally agrees thinking that this is the right time to make up for his past guilt. After days of searching, the riddle of Norman’s disappearance is finally answered. But will they finally find Gancar and friends?

Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia