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Nonton film Operation Wedding (2013) terbaru

Operation Wedding (2013)

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 106 MenitDilihat: 3.839 views
6 voting, rata-rata 6,5 dari 10

Windi (Yuki Kato), the youngest and favorite daughter of Admiral Kardi (Bucek) holds her breath the longest underwater, compared to her three older sisters, Vera (Dahlia Poland), Lira (Kimberly Ryder) and Tara (Sylvia Fully R). The four girls are raised in military terms by Kardi on his own.

Ten years have passed but Kardi’s way to treat his daughters remains the same. In campus Windi meets again her childhood love, Rendi (Adipati Dolken), who asks her to go out on a date. Windi asks for her father’s approval. When Rendi picks her up, Tara, Lira and Vera are ready to come with Windi, along with Kardi too. Even then love is still in bloom in Rendi and Windi’s heart, forcing Kardi to terrorize Rendi.

Vira and Lira tell a secret: the chance to go dating for them is available only for 90 minutes when Kardi watches football game. But the secret is revealed and Kardi goes after Rendi, shooting him. Tara is furious to Windi becase afterward Tara’s lover can’t sneak into her bedroom.

Rendi is adamant. Because dating is not allowed, he then asks Windi to marry him. Kardi agrees on conditions that Windi’s older sisters be married first. Windi, with the help of Vera and Lira, works so that her sisters’ boyfriends, Feri (Nino Fernandez), Beni (Chris Laurent) and Herman (Junior Liem) soon propose. Kardi is then set to test his future son-in-laws, challenges them to break Windi’s record of holding breath underwater. Herman, Feri and Beni fail, while Windi risks her own life to make Rendi successful. Realising Rendi’s love for Windi, Kardi finally gives in as long as Windi’s sisters can get married togeher.

Rendi and Windi are close to elope but they get caught by Kardi when Rendi has to hide in Tara’s room. Tara uses the opportunity to ask Rendi to marry her.

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