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Nonton film Misteri Ronggeng (1991) terbaru

Misteri Ronggeng (1991)

Genre: Mistic
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 88 MenitDilihat: 688 views

Anita (Inneke Koesherawati), a city girl, goes with her boyfriend, Yudha (George Rudy), to his home village, where his sister, a traditional ronggeng dancer, is getting married. Sadly, when they reach the village, the young bride has died and been buried. Yudha, who suspects that his sister died due to foul play, starts poking around to find out who killed her. In the meantime, Anita starts learning about the way of life of the ronggeng dancers from Diah (Yenny Farida), the wife of Godar (Johny Indo). As he continues his investigation, Yudha comes to the conclusion that Godar killed his sister. Yudha’s suspicions become stronger when Godar attempts to rape Anita. Because Yudha is getting too close to the truth, Godar requests the assistance of Nyi Ganda Manyit (Eva Chitra Rosalina). Yudha then gets help from religious leader Kyai Maulana, through whom his is able to defeat both Nyi Ganda Mayit and Godar.