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Nonton film Mengejar Setan (2013) terbaru

Mengejar Setan (2013)

REMAJAGenre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 74 MenitDilihat: 1.840 views

Andika and Tarina decide to live in Bandung after an accident that almost killed them. Andika has bought an old, quite big house from someone named Lukman because it is for a bargain price.

The owner of the old house is the ghost of Jamilah who is still roaming and terrorizing whoever stay in the house in order to demand justice for what she has experienced during her life. The said ghost then possesses Tarina.

When the ghost of Jamilah goes more and more vicious, Tarina is urged to ask help from Mr. Broto, a clairvoyant. The mystery he unravels was ghastly: Jamilah’s body is buried inhumanly in the backyard.

In the end it is revealed that Alia, Andika and Tarina’s little daughter who has been present in the house, is only the result of Tarina’s delusion. She can’t accept the fact that her daughter has died in the accident before they move to Bandung.

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia