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Nonton film Me & You vs The World (2014) terbaru

Me & You vs The World (2014)

REMAJAGenre: Adventure, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 97 MenitDilihat: 4.260 views

Jeremy (Rio Dewanto) who is bored with his work and routine, changes when meet Sera (Dhea Seto) who is looking for her identity and bored with her world of high school teenagers. Jeremy rebelled from his office and proposed a concept titled “Conquer the World”. First is to make the event “Conquer Citarik River Rafting”. Success. Jeremy saves a girl who nearly drowned in the event. Jeremy’s boss (Piyu) approved the plan to create a manly event.

Then Jeremy wants to give rafting presentation to schools. In one school Jeremy and Baron (GoFar Hilman), his friend, meet with Sera. Jeremy presentation is rejected by the Principal (Joe P Project), because it is considered too dangerous. Sera also reject the activity.

But, Sera accidentally joined Shifa and Putri who is departing to raft. In fact, Sera plans to remind Shifa and Putri if rafting is dangerous. After having fun with rafting and Pint Ball game, Sera and Jereny gets closer. Sera finds a match because Jeremy often asks Sera to an adventure and enjoying the world of men: climbing and off road driving.

It turns out that Sera’s absent from her courses is found by her mama (Zoya Amirin) and daddy (Bucek). Sera is prohibited to continue her playfulness, especially with the grown up Jeremy. Their relationship is getting messed up when Vida (Manohara ), Jeremy’s former lover, appears. Sera and Jeremy is missing each other.

Two years later, Jeremy travels to India. InTaj Mahal he accidentally meets Sera. And love still in their hearts.

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