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Nonton film Lupa Aturan Main (1990) terbaru

Lupa Aturan Main (1990)

Genre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 81 MenitDilihat: 14.243 views

A mysterious masked burglar is in action. Dono (Dono) Kasino (Kasino), Indro (Indro), Anneke (Intan Fully) and Debby (Eva Arnaz) are worried that their house might be the next target. They hatch a plan to catch the burglar and Dono places an ad in the paper taunting the thief as part of their strategy. A police officer, who has been assigned to help, shows up, but is mistaken for the burglar because of his appearance: buckteeth and wearing a gold bangle on his right wrist. Dono and housemates immediately capture him by feeding him drugged onde-onde cakes.  After the police officer has passed out, a man in a police uniform shows up, saying that he has been assigned to help them catch the robber. It turns out that this man is actually the thief, who intends to wreak revenge on Dono and friends for their attempt to capture him. He orders them all to hang themselves. As the situation worsens, Sridonna (Fortunella), who is, by chance, staying over at the house, attracts the attention of the burglar, who seems to like her. She persuades him to eat some of the drugged onde-onde cakes and he passes out as well. • Most Popular Film in Jakarta I, 1991, with 477,102 viewers, according to the Indonesian Film Company.

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