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Nonton film Komedi Gokil 2 (2016) terbaru

Komedi Gokil 2 (2016)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 93 MenitDilihat: 7.057 views
2 voting, rata-rata 3,0 dari 10

New residents arrive at Uncle Indro’s (Indro Warkop) boarding house : Acho (Muhadkly Acho), Lolox (Lolox), younger brother of Boris (Boris Bokir) and Mia (Senk Lotta), nephew of Aunt Maya (Maya Wulan), Indor’s wife. Acho who initially does not want to stay at the boarding house, finally settles after looking at opportunities to approach Mia.

Uncle Indro then assigns Boris, Acho, and Lolox, when a beautiful woman at the gym, Gina, (Tengku Goddess), ask to marry, whereas Indro just teasing for fun. Gina will speaks and shows her photographs with Uncle Indro to Aunt Maya.

Acho, Boris, and Lolox are given the task to retrieve and delete the photos from Gina’s mobile phone. The problems in their missions become more complex, due to Boris’s brother who makes trouble, until a love affair between Boris and Tania (Briana Simorangkir) foundered. Then the approach by Acho to Mia that annoys Boris.

There is another troublesome issue to Aunt Maya. Tommy (Sas Widjanarko), her ex-boyfriend, want to make a come back. Aunt Maya is reengaging Boris and Lolox in an attempt to get rid of Tommy who does not believe that she was already married.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia
Anggaran:$ 20,00