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Nonton film KM 97 (2013) terbaru

KM 97 (2013)

REMAJAGenre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 82 MenitDilihat: 1.611 views
1 voting, rata-rata 4,0 dari 10

Anton (Restu Sinaga), his wife Lydia (Feby Febiola) and his son Bintang (Zidane) can’t come to Anton’s mother’s funeral ceremony. But they attempt to go to Bandung so that they can meet Anton’s father and visit his mother’s grave. It has been three years since the last time Anton returned to Indonesia. From the Soekarno-Hatta airport, they go straight to Bandung though the night has come and they feel tired.

At KM 97 on the highway to Bandung, Bintang press them to stop to relieve himself. Lidya asks Anton to do as he wish. So they stop by the road and wait for Bintang to make water behind the bush. They continue the trip afterward.

At night they arrive at Anton’s family house which lies on the hillside, next to a greenhouse that serves as a nursery and flower garden. Mang Ule (Iang Darmawan), the housekeeper, greets them. Anton’s father, Sucipto (August Melasz), is angry because Anton couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Meanwhile, Anton’s sister, Widi (Tya Maria), lets her dislike to Lidya, who she thinks is disrespectful toward her father, be seen.

Spending the night, Lidya feels that his father-in-law’s house makes her uncomfortable; she sees visions that frighten her. The next day strange and terrible events happen. Bi Leha (Elsa Diandra), the maid, is suddenly gone. Shortly afterward Lilis (Fitrie Rachmadhina), who works at the greenhouse, is also gone by the forest. Lidya becomes sure that there’s a dark power controlling the house and everything in it. She tries hard to protect her son, Bintang.

Lidya’s mother-in-law’s spirit appears more often. Widi and Mang Ule also become the victims. It seems that Bi Leha and Lilis are not just gone, they’re dead. Lidya thinks that her mother-in-law’s spirit is responsible but Sucipto instead points his finger at Bintang. Lidya, being a mother, of course denies Sucipto.

After watching with her own eyes how Bintang is going to murder Anton, Lidya starts to realise that the Bintang they face is not their son. The kid has been possessed. Sucipto tells Anton and Lidya to return the creature to where it belongs. Doing everything they can, they manage to immobilise him and immediately take him away. On the highway at the same KM, Bintang attacks them so ferociously that their car is rolled over.

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