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Nonton film Ketika Tuhan Jatuh Cinta (2014) terbaru

Ketika Tuhan Jatuh Cinta (2014)

REMAJAGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 102 MenitDilihat: 4.596 views

Fikri, groomed by a modest family, grows into a pious and independent figure. In addition to his study, he also helps his father and mother to make cakes, fried snacks, painting frames, and sand ornament sold through several galleries. One of which is Koh Acong’s gallery who has a beautiful daughter, Lidya.

Fikri is the dream of many girls in campus. But, there is only one girl at Fikri’s heart: Leni. Leni actually likes Fikri, but as a Muslim girl who always control her behavior, she keeps her feelings toward Fikri. She also rejects Fikri’s friend, Irul who is handsome, rich, and famous playboy. After graduation and should be separated, Leni’s and Fikri’s feeling of mutual love revealed. However, when they are preparing the proposal, they must accept the fact that Leni will be matched to other men. Fikri solemnly remind Leni to abide by his parents,.

Meanwhile Irul falls in love and start dating Lidya. Lidya gets pregnant, but Irul runs away. Fikri continue to remind his friend and to strengthen Lidya.

Another test: Fikri’s sister, Humaira, is broken heart, and become a rebel. From a very gentle and pious girl, she becomes “naughty” and free. Even she takes off her hijab and becomes “a night girl”. Fikri tries to persuade Humaira. Test come again when his parents die.

It turns out that Leni is not happy with her ​​marriage. Lidya, who admires Fikri, is increasingly desperate. Then comes Shira. Shira is to be matched to Irul, but the matchmaking fails. At a meeting Fikri secretly falls in love with Shira. But, Fikri is aware that he is not compatible with Shira who comes from a wealthy family. It turns out that Shira secretly smolder a love for Fikri.