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Nonton film Keagungan Tuhan (1980) terbaru

Keagungan Tuhan (1980)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 103 MenitDilihat: 257 views

To ride on the popularity of Rhoma Irama and his box office potential, this film’s recipe consists of dangdut songs, dangdut singers and Deddy Irama, brother of Rhoma Irama, and also some preaching. Nurliah Kumala, a rising dangdut star, is dating Mardi, the playboy rich kid who lives a reckless life. When Nurliah gets pregnant, he gives her money, and she is, at first, happy enough. But when Nurliah wants him to take responsibility, she sees Mardi with some women on the street. Nurliah gets hit by a car but Rachman Ramadi, a songwriter who made Nurliah famous, comes to save her. He marries Nurliah so her child will have a legal name. Then Mardi, who is just released from prison for a crime, is also hit by a car. This time, Nurliah is the rescuer, and she leaves her daughter, Puput, and her husband.

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia