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Nonton film Jilbab Traveler: Love Sparks in Korea (2016) terbaru

Jilbab Traveler: Love Sparks in Korea (2016)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Drama, Romance
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 112 MenitDilihat: 4.599 views
6 voting, rata-rata 8,5 dari 10

Rania Samudra never thinks that the head trauma she encountered years ago would prevent her from completing her college degree. Feeling frustrated and hopeless, she goes to her father for advice. “Never lose hope and always keep your spirits up”, her father always tells her. He pushes her to travel the world and document it in her writings. Rania starts her journey. She travels around the world and documents her experiences in her blog. As she becomes more popular, her fans and readers start to call her JilbabTraveller

The news of her father’s weakening health brings her home. She decides to take care and be by his side all the time.Sitting next to him, he gives her a mission to go find love in Baluran, a place in Eastern Java where nature and beauty blends into one. A place where he found his true love, Rania’s mom.

At Baluran, Rania met with Hyuen Geun, a Korean guy, who is stubborn and at the same time charismatic. Hyuen Geun, accompanied by his friend, Agung, succeeds to convince Rania to take them to Kawah Ijen. This long journey forces Rania to stay the night in Baluran. After finishing their dinner, Hyeun Geun confesses his feelings to Rania. He is in love with her. Rania shrugs away her thoughts as she knows that they can never be together because of their different religions.

Before going to bed, Rania hears a knock on her door. Rania’s old friend, Ilhan, a good looking and kind young man has come to take her home. Rania’s father has suddenly passed away. Rania was left devastated by this news.

Rania blames herself for not being by her father’s side during his last breath.Rania decides to keep all her dreams aside, her dreams to conquer the world. She chooses to sit at home and take care of her mom.Tia and Eron, Rania’s elder sister and brother, wants Rania to get married soon. They think Ilhan will be the right man for her. Ilhan comforts Rania with her decision to stop travelling and tells her that she has chosen the right path.

Hyun Geun, on the other hand, has been sending emails to Rania reminding her to continue conquering the world with her travels. Rania meets Agung and wants him to convey a message to Hyun Geun to stop interfering in her life. But the answer she got shocked her and questions her choice about the man in her life. Firstly, She and Hyun Geun were never different. Hyun Geun is a Korean Muslim. And secondly, he has gone back to Korea because his mother suddenly passed away.

With Ilhan’s kindness and concern towards Rania and her mother, she is sure he is the right man in her life. But an invitation for Rania to attend the Writing Residence in Gangwon, Korea suddenly shows up in her living room. Rania refuses to go. Her mother, knowing how much Rania loves travelling, wants Rania to accept the invitation. She wants her to accomplish her dreams.

In Gangwon, South Korea, Rania meets Hyun Geun again. Hyun Geun, now clean shaven, has changed into a decent guy who prays regularly. Nevertheless, Hyun Geu nunderstands and respects Rania’s relationship with Ilhan. He wants her experience in Korea to be her last and most memorable one before she goes back to Jakarta and gets married.

The more she tries, the harder it is. Rania can’t hide her feelings for Hyun Geun, the guy she fell in love in Baluran. The love she is looking for is standing in front of her. Just when Rania is about to open up her feelings about him, she is placed in another awkward situation. She met Son Ryung, a beautiful Korean girl and Hyeun Geun’s girlfriend. Rania breaks down and falls apart. In her despair, Ilhan shows up in front of her. Ilhan who has a fear of flying, has come to Gangwon to be with the girl he loves. Rania is thankful he has come at the right time. Ilhan proposes to Rania who accepts it without hesitation.

In Jakarta, preparation for the marriage is under way. Ilhan has gone out of his way to make this wedding a special one for Rania and him. However, Ilhan notices that something is bothering Rania. His future bride has never been able to forget Hyun Geun. Ilhan gets an email from Agung that Hyun Geun broke off his engagement with Son Ryung and has gone as a volunteer to help in Palestine.

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