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Nonton film Jendral Kancil The Movie (2012) terbaru

Jendral Kancil The Movie (2012)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 85 MenitDilihat: 1.161 views

Three thugs (Jimmy “The Upstairs”, Peppy and Malao) harass Lentera Hati Elementary School’s students by way of extortion. A student, Guntur (Adam Farrel Xavier), and his friends Badil, Ucok and Abel raid the thugs’ base. They have success, the thugs are repentant.

The school learns about Guntur’s action. Noni (Paramitha Sekar Ayu Andrea Sulaiman), wall magazine journalist, covers his success. The students then give him a nickname, General Mouse-deer. But two students envy Guntur’s popularity, Rogus (Qaidi Rozan) and Kodir (Dandi Fabrianto). Problems appear when two teachers suspect Guntur as the school’s troublemaker. He gets suspended.

Guntur’s punishment worsens when his intention to help other students backfire. His mother, Menik (Sita Nursanti) is summoned to the school. And then his popularity fades when a new student comes, Ratu Pelangi (Ersya Aurelia). This smart and quiet girl gains the school’s attention because she’s a movie star and is good at singing.

It doesn’t stop there, another terror comes from an Italian mob who aim for something hidden inside the school. With his wits and wisdom, Guntur takes care of the problem.

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