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Nonton film Get Married 3 (2011) terbaru

Get Married 3 (2011)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 95 MenitDilihat: 6.535 views
4 voting, rata-rata 4,0 dari 10

Since Mae and Rendy have children, they decide to be a little, independent family, free from troublemaking parents and bestfriends. It turns out that not long after childbirth, Mae has baby blues, making her moody and emotional. Rendy realizes that in her current state she needs big support from her dearest people although Mae is too proud to ask for help. Rendy finally asks Guntoro, Beni and Eman to help Mae discreetly.

Knowing her bestfriends, Mae immediately spots Guntoro, Beni and Eman’s plan. However, she has no clue that they are asked by Rendy and hides the fact from him that her bestfriends are involved in taking care of her children. Alas, Babe and Bu Mardi catch her bestfriends playing with the children. As the result, Mae and Rendy’s big family again step in to take care of their children.

At first Rendy is glad to see that Mae recovers from the baby blues. But he realizes then that of all people he’s the one who’s unfit to take care of a baby. The kids prefer Guntoro, Beni, Eman, even Babe to him. Rendy thinks that his role as a father and a husband is undermined. Thus he invites Nyai, Mae’s grandmother from Arab, to come stay with them in the hope of making Nyai’s constant quarel with Babe prevents people from coming to their house.

Nonetheless, Nyai’s coming even adds up to Rendy’s bad luck. Babe, overcome by Nyai’s plague, runs away from home. Bu Mardi is in panic from fear of being widowed. Rendy has to accept Babe in his office, complete with his sarong and bathing bucket. Mae askes Rendy to reconcile Nyai and Babe so that Babe can come home. How shocked she is when she learns that it’s Rendy who’s behind Nyai’s coming home. She’s angry with him because he still sees her family as outsiders. Rendy then has to go out of the house, staying at his office with Babe.

Later on Mae understands that all Rendy’s actions stem from his intention to become a good father for his kids. Mae then asks her bestfriends to help recover Rendy’s self-esteem as a decent father.

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