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Nonton film Ge…er (Gede Rasa) (1980) terbaru

Ge…er (Gede Rasa) (1980)

Genre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 110 MenitDilihat: 13.438 views

This film is about Slamet and Poltak had been with the family here Sanwani Poltak Slamet and also help in the home Sanwani . Sanwani has a younger brother named Tiwi who like Paijo , a doctor . Tiwi was also a bone of contention by Slamet and Poltak . In the course of the film it is known that Sanwani will marry his girlfriend Sarah . While Tiwi not be married to Paijo , because Paijo has been paired with both parents.

Tagline:Geer – Gede Rasa is Indonesian film 1980 directed by and starring Ismail Nawi Warkop , Dorman Borisman , Ita Mustafa , and Itje Trisnawati
Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia