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Nonton film Gangster (2015) terbaru

Gangster (2015)

17 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 99 MenitDilihat: 5.472 views
3 voting, rata-rata 6,0 dari 10

For Jamroni (Raihan Khan, Hamish David) to be village crook at cows market in the valley of Mount Merapi, Jogjakarta, is a fact of life not his choice. Since childhood his wish is only to keep Sari (Avrilla Sigarlaki, Eriska Rein), and later marry her. Even he is badly treated by Sari’s parent, but her smile boost his spirit. So, in the goat pen he learns martial arts. Jamroni’s dream fades when Sari’s parents took her to Jakarta.

Mbah Kadir is robbed that day. Luckily Jamroni beats the robber. Thereafter, Jamroni hears that his father, Tohari (Gunawan Maryanto), is dying. Tohari explains that Jamroni is not his biological child. Additionally, Jamroni receive a stack of letters from Sari seized by Tohari.

Jamroni decides to go to Jakarta to seek Sari and his biological parents who may still alive. On the way he must face hordes of a mass organization and has to be hung from the hood of Retta’s (Nina Kozok) car who is fleeing, Unexpected introduction.

Jamroni’s courage yet simple is what Retta need. Many times Jamroni saves Retta from her pursuers. Retta is increasingly curious about Jamroni, and she explains why she flles: his father, Hastomo (Agus Kuncoro), did an agreement with Amsar (Dwi Sasono), who wanted to match his brother to Retta.

Amsar considers Hastomo is playing tricks by stalling the meeting between Retta with his brother. Amsar, chairman of the most influential mass organizations in Jakarta, orders his men to capture Retta and Jamroni. Retta and Jamroni getting squeezed when Jamroni faces cold-blooded killer, Sueb (Ganindra Bimo).

Retta decides to go home and introduce Jamroni as her future husband after make a transformation of Jamroni to Ronny, a handsome youth of the capital. Hastomo who is concerned with his wife’s, Astuti (Dominique Sanda) illness, allows Retta to engage to Jamroni. The news reachs Amsar. Amsar accuses Hastomo to violate the agreement. Amsar deploys his men to storm Hastomo’s house. Hanna (Kelly Tandiono), Amsar’s right hand girl, is asked to pick Bang Jangkung (Yayan Ruhian), the top assassin. Hanna, a former Bang Jangkung’s girlfirend, must deal with the new girlfriend of Bang Jangkung (Dian Sastrowardoyo).

Jamroni aware that he is used by Retta. He begins to think if he really loves Retta and will forget Sari. At last, Jamroni has to face Bang Jangkung.

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