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Nonton film Enak Sama Enak (2012) terbaru

Enak Sama Enak (2012)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 80 MenitDilihat: 819 views
2 voting, rata-rata 1,0 dari 10

Wawan, Kudil and Ade are students who rent room at Tante Ros’s. Tante Ros is a widow who falls in love with Ade so that Ade can stay and have meals for free. Wawan and Kudil envy him.

Next to their place is a boarding house for girls where Susi and Asih stay. Susi is dating Wawan while Asih is dating Kudil.

Problem comes up when a new girl called Jennifer rents a room. Wawan does many things to be able to have Jennifer. At one point Kudil asks his father to bring him a car. Kudil’s father sends Toro and a driver there. When Toro sees Jennifer, he’s tempted to have her. Toro says that the car belongs to him.

Since the car hasn’t showed up, Kudil tells his father. His father in turn comes to Jakarta to look for Toro. But Kudil’s father apparently is mystified by Jennifer too. He intends to stay at Tante Ros’s. Kudil is disappointed but he can’t do anything.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia

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