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Dilema (2012)

REMAJAGenre: Crime, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 100 MenitDilihat: 1.445 views
7 voting, rata-rata 5,5 dari 10

It is an omnibus comprising five dark sides of Jakarta.

Sigit (Slamet Rahardjo) is an ex-gambler who used to rule Jakartan illegal casinos when he was young. In the autumn of his life he tries to fix his relationship with his family and reclaim his dignity, lost somewhere in the past. The only way he knows is gambling. So he returns to casino, not for money nor ego, but for something more precious, and takes on Gilang (Ray Sahetapy), his sworn enemy on the decks.

Ario (Ario Bayu), an idealistic young cop, has just been appointed as detective. His first patrol day with a senior, Bowo (Tio Pakusadewo), opens his eyes that law enforcement is not as black and white as he thinks. On that day Ario has to decide whether he is a law abiding policeman or a realistic who’s willing to compromise.

Under the influence of his surroundings, Ibnu (Baim Wong) turns into an extremist and is willing to do anything for the sake of his religion and belief. He doesn’t realize that he is being used by his own bestfriend, Said (Winky Wiryawan) who has bigger action plans. On that day Ibnu learns that being a believer doesn’t mean to raise a weapon.

Adrian (Reza Rahadian) is a successful architect in Jakarta. He always prides himself on the fact that he’s an orphan who grows up in an orphanage and succeeds on his own. When he meets Sonny Wibisono (Roy Marten), a Jakartan big boss, Adrian realizes that his whole life is fake. He’s a mere cog in a huge conspiracy machine.

Dian (Pevita Pearce) is a beautiful, smart teenager from a wealthy family. When her mother dies, her world crumbles. His father floats away. Dian falls into drug addiction, trying to do suicide many times. Only with his father’s struggle Dian can be saved and brought to her family’s beach house to commemorate her mother. There she meets Rima (Wulan Guritno), a bestfriend who seems to understand her. Dian realizes that getting herself involved in the drug world appeals to dangerous people.

These five stories connect to one another becoming one whole story.

Tagline:Life will find its way
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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia
Anggaran:$ 500,00