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Nonton film Demi Cinta (2017) terbaru

Demi Cinta (2017)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 95 MenitDilihat: 9.927 views

Bagus (Ricky Harun) and Masbin (Tora Sudiro) are two cousins ​​who are willing to sacrifice anything for love. All starts with Bagus who put his heart in Cempaka (Farali Khan), their neighbors in flats. According to Masbin, if Bagus wants a woman, he should be at the same level with her. It is impossible for Bagus to have Cempaka, a secretary to the director, because he is unemployed and only high school graduate. The fastest way to become rich is to accept the offer from Syamsudin (Teuku Rifnu Wikana) to work with Toni Montana (Barry Prima). Seeing Cempaka approached by a rich man, Bagus accepts Syamsudin’s offer. To be Toni’s men, they should have experience of crime. The first crime in their lives is done: kidnapping a child. But it all falls apart, because the child is Toni Montana’s from his mistress, Amara (Titi Kamal). They are stuck on a fun and silly runaway. In the process of escape, Bagus falls in love with Sandra (Nasya Marcella), the child’s baby sitter. And Masbin falls in love with Amara (Titi Kamal). Love turns out to put them in a more difficult and complicated situation.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia