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Nonton film CJR The Movie: Lawan Rasa Takutmu (2015) terbaru

CJR The Movie: Lawan Rasa Takutmu (2015)

13 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 90 MenitDilihat: 21.915 views
1 voting, rata-rata 4,0 dari 10

Bastian’s decision to resign from Coboy Junior makes Iqbal, Aldi, and Kiki feel lost. It is lucky thaht they have producer like Patrick (Abimana Aryasatya), which is always present to give encouragement.

Patrick also invites them to travel around Australia in the company of Jimmy (Arie curly) who won the bet against Joshua (Ernest Prakasa). During their stay in Australia, a lot of experience and lessons learned: meet with Emmanuel Kelly (X Factor Australia contestant) who have physical limitations, but still work with the spirit of honest and heartfelt, to perform Sky Diving, so Iqbal, Aldy and Kiky can fight fear.

During his stay in Australia, Iqbal, Aldi, and Kiki also have vocal and physical training with D-Doc (Rio Dewanto) and Melisa who is known firm and very disciplined. Finally they returned to Indonesia. The real test they face is while doing a great concert. Lots of trials they face before the concert.

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