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Nonton film Cinta Di Saku Celana (2012) terbaru

Cinta Di Saku Celana (2012)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 76 MenitDilihat: 3.301 views

Ahmad’s (Donny Alamsyah) dream is simple. He truly wants to have love. And it’s pretty natural since Ahmad is an orphan, lacking love since he’s a child in the orphanage.

Some mysterious postcards sent by Bagas (Lukman Sardi) from all over the world make Ahmad to meet Bening (Joanna Alexandra), a beautiful, fragile student. Seeing her a lot on the electric train, Ahmad falls in love. The problem is he doesn’t have the gut to tell her.

Upon the advice from the orphanage’s caretaker (Vita Ramona) and his bestfriend Gifar’s (Dion Wiyoko) support, Ahmad writes a love letter. He plans to give it to Bening and gets acquainted with her before it’s too late. However, someone snatches his stuff and he loses his letter. Ahmad’s courage goes down the drain.

But being a pickpocket’s victim gives him an idea. He asks for a help from a pickpocket called Gubeng (Ramon Y. Tungka) to steal Bening’s love for him. But on the day they agree on, Gubeng doesn’t show up. Angry, holding a postal stamping hammer, Ahmad searches for Gubeng, who apparently is repentant and in jail.

According to Gubeng, the love is left in the pocket of the jeans that he takes to a laundry. When Ahmad arrives at the said laundry, another problem emerges. The owner of the laundry, Roy (Gading Marten), also wants Bening’s love.

A feud ensues between Ahmad and Roy who’s also a drug dealer. Things get worse when First Police Brigadier Nila (Enditha) comes to raid the place and detain Ahmad too. It seems that Ahmad’s dream is getting more and more unreachable.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia