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Catatan Harian Si Boy (2011)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 99 MenitDilihat: 21.035 views
11 voting, rata-rata 7,0 dari 10

Nuke lies in bed from an illness but her hands never let go off a book. Her daughter Natasha (Carissa Putri) returns from London and sees her. The doctor has almost given up, suggesting Natasha to find the book’s owner and make her mother happy on the verge of her death. On the street Satrio (Ario Bayu), an illegal racer, is speeding with his car, being encouraged by his three bestfriends.

Satrio and Natasha meet in a police office. Attracted to Natasha, Satrio decides to help her finding the owner of the book that’s held by Nuke. Apparently it’s a diary of a man called Boy (Onky Alexander). Their effort doesn’t go smoothly as a triangle love comes up. Thugs appear, violence takes place, and Boy might have changed to another person unlike the one deduced from the diary.