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Nonton film Bukti: Surat Cinta Dari Starla Short Movie (2018) terbaru

Bukti: Surat Cinta Dari Starla Short Movie (2018)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 41 MenitDilihat: 27.473 views

Confronted by the hesitation between her love for Starla, and her encounter with Opa Hans (Grandpa Starla) who unlocks a secret about her late grandfather, Hema leaves Starla to “go back” to the past, and seeks answers. Yogyakarta, for Hema, kept the only answer. Then, does Hema find what she is looking for and can make peace with her little heart? Or Hema had to swallow the bitter pill of reality, and take Starla off for good?

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia