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Nonton film Bidadari Pulau Hantu (2014) terbaru

Bidadari Pulau Hantu (2014)

Genre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 87 MenitDilihat: 2.968 views

Evan (Gian Subianto) and Gesti (Khadjah Shyalimar) conduct a pre-wedding photo shoot on the island known as ghost island. The island is famous for its woman ghost carrying sickles and wearing wedding dress. The pair takes Remon (Albern), the photographer, Remi (Mongol Stress), makeup and effeminate man, Vidi (Cariesta Maya), Gesti’s cousin, and Tilda (Nadia Zuhra), just friend.

On the first day of shooting, a female ghost bride dress terrorizes group Evan and Gesti. Evan is having a nightmare: the bride ghost carrying sickles and killing Gesti in the pool. Vidi also admits the arrival of the ghost that would drown her in the bathtub.

Another day Remon meets a woman in the woods and follows her. New problems arise. Remon disappeares. All is in a panic. In the midst of panic Vidi tempting Evan, because in fact she admires Evan. It turns otu that Tilda also likes Evan. Evan is easily tempted by Vidi. And Tilda is not to be outdone by Vidi. Evan and Gesti relationship is threatened.

Remon who is lost, has to deal with the woman named Jesika. She has an evil intent:. to kill every couple who perform pre-wedding photo shoot on the island out of spite.

Tagline:Tidak akan ada calon pengantin yang bahagia
Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia