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Nonton film Bajaj Bajuri The Movie (2014) terbaru

Bajaj Bajuri The Movie (2014)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 93 MenitDilihat: 5.917 views
8 voting, rata-rata 8,0 dari 10

Bajuri (Ricky Harun) who just gets the money from the sale of land inherited from his father, faces some problems. His problems become more complicated after his mother in law, Mom (Meriam Bellina), accuses him to marry again.

Furthermore, accidentally in a fishing pool he detonates a bomb obtained by Saleh (Dimas Gabra) and Sahili (Aqshal Pradana) from an abandoned house. Bajuri and Ucup (Muhadkly Acho) are accused of being a terrorist after a bag containing a bomb left in the bank, after Bajuri takes the money.

On the way back from the bank, Bajuri is blocked by a group of robbers (McDanny and Randhika Djamil) led by Hani (Nova Eliza). The robbery fails. Finally the robbers seize Oneng (Eriska Rein), Bajuri’s wife, and ask for ransom.

On the way to redeem Oneng, Bajuri meet his mother in law who is able to escape from the kidnappers den. Once successfully redeem Oneng, the problem is not over because now Mom and Oneng are suspected as a part of terrorist groups. Bajuri, Sahili, and Saleh go to the wedding party of the child of Pak RT (Jimmy Gideon) to explain to the police if he is not a terrorist.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia