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Nonton film Apa Artinya Cinta (2005) terbaru

Apa Artinya Cinta (2005)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 127 MenitDilihat: 31.228 views
6 voting, rata-rata 6,0 dari 10

Aliza, a 17-year-old, has a happy family life that almost feels like a routine. She thinks that her life could be more colourful if she studied abroad or dated Tama, the most popular guy at school. But a new neighbor, who returns from a holiday abroad, changes her routined life. His presence makes Aliza and her friend, Mitha, curious. There is something very strange and mysterious about the young man whose name is Dara.

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Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia