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Nonton film Aku Cinta Kamu (2014) terbaru

Aku Cinta Kamu (2014)

REMAJAGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 107 MenitDilihat: 3.800 views
3 voting, rata-rata 4,5 dari 10

When love strikes, a million feelings infect your heart and mind. Major events in life are triggered by three simple words: Falling in Love. Inspired by four songs about love by Piyu, these four stories introduce different types of love.


Sita ( Acha ) and Randu ( Rio Morrow ) prepare for the wedding day. Sita is a perfectionist, while Randu is as if indifferent to the preparation of Sita. As a result, Sita is influenced by his own hunch: Randu has an affair with Rani ( Fanny Fabriana ). The wedding day arrives. Sita with her beautiful wedding dress can not hold back her tears. She run away and Randu chases her. An accident killes one of them. A hunch is not always true .

Love Is

Rising soccer player Kim (Kim Kurniawan) lives next door to Raisha (Eriska Rein) who is obsessed to be always close to Kim. Kim is received in the national team. Success brings Kim far from Raisha. After cycling exercise, Kim is hit by a car, and suddenly all is dark. Kim can not see. When one by one starts leaving him, only Raisha is still accompanying him. Judith (Martina Tesela), pretty nurse at the hospital, suggests Kim get a corneal surgery. Raisha is angry and assumes that Judith’s suggestion is only to enrich hospital. The result: Kim did not return to the hospital, Suspicious Judith looking for Kim, Raisha Catching the event, Raisha prevents Kim to be carried back.


Gerry (Giorgino Abraham) has a lover, Lisa (Pevita Pearce). Gerry always sing his songs for Lisa on their favorite hill. The end of the school year to make them split because of different colleges they attends. Lisa is drifting into the metropolis life. She often lies to Gerry. Hurt drives Gerry to become a successful songwriter. In the memory hill they meet again. Lisa apologizes.


Tora (Dimas Anggara) and Gofar (Gofar Hilman) is fake goods merchant who always deal with the raids carried out by Omar (Tri Wardoyo), the very active police. When the run away from the raid with a fake LV, they collide with Elena (Manohara Odelia), a beautiful and elegant woman. The LV bag is swapped with an original one, and makes Tora fall in love at first sight. The does not know that Elena is the fiance of Haji Joe (Joe P Project), the boss of a rich mafia-like organization.

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