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Nonton film Air Terjun Pengantin (2009) terbaru

Air Terjun Pengantin (2009)

DEWASAGenre: Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 74 MenitDilihat: 2.602 views
6 voting, rata-rata 3,5 dari 10

Local villagers chase a black magic shaman, who kidnaps a woman, and corners him at a waterfall. The shaman throws the woman into the waterfall and jumps after her. After finding that the woman has died, he kills all the villagers in anger. Tiara is a former wushu athlete, who suffers a phobia with darkness. Tiara and her boyfriend, Lilo, invite her cousin, Mandy, to join their holiday, together with Mandy’s friends, Amy, Dinar, Bram, Icang and Stacy. They sail to Bride Island, where the Waterfall is, as legend has it that wishes can come true there. Lilo tells the origin of Bride Island, and the story of the shaman. Dinar is the first to get killed by the Jelangkung Mancung aka the shaman, followed by Bram and Stacy. Icang witnesses the murders and tells the rest. Lilo, Icang, Amy, and Mandy find the shaman’s house and see the dead bodies. Lilo is then killed in the woods. The other three hide inside the shaman’s house but Icang is killed as well. Mandy and Amy escape. Later, the shaman kills Amy and takes Tiara and Mandy to the waterfall. Together, they succeed in killing him, and are rescued by the Coast Guard.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia

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