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Nonton film 13 (Tigabelas) (2014) terbaru

13 (Tigabelas) (2014)

21 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 94 MenitDilihat: 11.437 views

Kevin and Nayla newly marry and inhabit a new house that is fully automated. In the housing complex also live Julian and Ditta, Kevin’s colleague. Linda, Kevin’s mother, also live in the new house, because she still wants to set the life of her only child.

At the house there are annoying things: there is always sand. Some items are also moved. Nayla also feels that something is watching, approaching, even touching her.

Julian and Ditta are panic because his son, Lila, is often talking and playing with a figure he calls grandpa. Julian took him to a psychiatrist. Rest results: Lila has the characteristics of an indigo who can communicate with the spirit world.

Kevin receives a doctor’s explanation that there are problems with his reproductive system and must take a therapy if he wants to have children. Kevin agreed to take the therapy without the knowledge of Nayla.

Disturbances at home¬†become rampant, even Nayla is raped. In the eyes of Nayla, it is Kevin who does it. When Nayla is pregnant, Kevin could not believe, because he never ‘made love’ after their first night. Kevin is suspicious. Nayla assures him that she does not go anywhere and nobody’s coming home. Kevin is confused.

One night Lila said to Julian, that a Nayla’s house there is man who always interfere Nayla and Kevin. Julian does not believe, Lila says again that is could be Nayla or Kevin who will die this evening, Julian immediately checks and it’s true: Kevin is stabbed by Nayla. Nayla says that he is not her husband.

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